Should I Buy or Rent?


Rent or buy, buy or rent? Here’s something that usually plays in our thoughts over and over again like a damaged casetplayer. We all know the struggles when it comes to deciding which is more convenient.  This is something that we have to think through thoroughly with a cup of coffee, a clear mind and with someone like your Realtor who could help you with this dilemma. So don’t worry I’ll be helping you with this one.



Renting a home/real estate pros & cons:

  • Financially

Pros: When it comes to renting you don’t need to go such hassle in order for you to get approval for a house rent, all you have to do is you just have to be ready with your  deposit, first and last months’ rent so that you could move in right away. Isn’t it a breeze?

Con: But then again if you look at it in another angle you’re paying for something every month & the only benefit you have is that you get to live there. No financial commitment. You can’t get anything out of it like owning the place and you can’t take your rent money back.


  • Personalizing the place

Pros: We do love giving our personal touch when it comes to our homes. So we do tend to change wall colors hang a few pictures, paintings or mount a couple of cabinets for more book space. We can definitely do all of this when renting a house but with the landlords approval/consent.

Cons: In some cases some landlords do not allow this change because they’re trying to maintaining the condition of the paint on the wall or avoiding unwanted holes on the wall itself. So if you rent a house and want to do a little mini renovation or changes it still boils down to the landlord’s decision.


  • Landlords

Pros: If you’re having issues with the fixtures at the house that you’re renting, you don’t have to worry because mister landlord is there to help you. He/she will be the one responsible to call those people who would fix those thing that’s needs fixing.

Cons: We can never choose who our landlords. One of the downside in this situation would be, what if you’ll end up with someone rotten who doesn’t care about their renters.


Buying a home/real estate pros & cons:

  • Financially

Pros: You can own your own house by paying a monthly mortgage just like renting a home and you have the assurance that you own the house and not only that you could see the benefits of your monthly payment. The big plus is that this is a really good investment and your essentially paying yourself, not someone else to live there.

Cons: The process you have to go through in order to get approval for a loan for your dream home. But no worries you have someone to help you with that!


  • Personalizing the place

Pros: You have all the power to do anything you want to the place and make additions to the property.

Cons: Yes! Renovating is fun and all but it takes a lot of time and money.


  • Landlords?

Pros: Since you own the house you are your own landlord so sit back relax and enjoy your new place you have the power to do anything with your home.

Cons: Okay, so remember when I’ve mentioned earlier at the renting section that if something breaks it’s the landlord’s responsibility. Well, since you are your own landlord if anything breaks or needed some fixing, you are responsible for that.


“Let me real do all the hard work so that you can enjoy the more pleasant task of getting ready to move into your new home. To learn more about Crested Butte or Gunnison homes that are currently listed for sale, please contact me. I’m a local real estate agent who has helped countless buyers find the home of their dreams!”





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