Get Artsy at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte

Walking around downtown Crested Butte you really get that cool artsy vibe. Residents are happy and very dedicated to keep the local art scene fresh and energized. One great way to get involved is by checking out the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte, specifically in the Upper East River Valley. 2012 marks the Center’s 25th Silver Anniversary of creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. What is now this exciting center for music, dance, theater, and comedy, was once a dilapidated county shop. It has now endured 25 years of changing culture, trends, and economic times.

In 2011 the Center played a key role in putting together the Arts Alliance, forming partnerships between the Crested Butte Dance Collective, Trailhead Children’s Discovery Museum and Studio Art School. Looking forward the Center hopes to increase classroom space and improve the Piper Gallery. They want to expand the facility to better fit the needs of the community. They want it to be a facility where all artists, children, adults, locals, and newcomers can come to find a creative home. Every month so far this year has honored a different part of the center, and May has a lot of great things planned too.

Each Thursday starting in May at ASCA, 111 Elk Avenue, a class for 5th-8th graders will be offered. The Middle School Art Class will focus on modern day grafitti, Banksy, street art, and public installation. Students will not only learn the history of this art culture, but get to practice it. They will design concepts and learn drawing, stenciling, and spray painting techniques to make their own works of art.

“I’m drinking all this wine to make a really great cork board.” Ever tell yourself that? Well now you really can! On May 8 at ASCA at 5:15 p.m. you can join the Wine Cork Bulletin Boards class. It’s only $10 and is part of their Create it Yourself Series.

Events like these are offered constantly through the Center for the Arts Crested Butte. Check it out. You will have fun creating art and making friends. I’m a local real estate agent here in Crested Butte. If you have any questions about buying a home or about the community in general, I would love to meet with you and show you around!

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