Aston Martin & Pirelli’s Ice Racetrack A Huge Success

Europeans have been given the opportunity to experience Aston Martin and Pirelli’s “On Ice” program for a few years now. But 2014 was the first time Crested Butte home owners could try their hand at driving on the ice racetrack. The companies joined forces to demonstrate both the vehicle’s and tire manufacturer’s technology when driving in the iciest of conditions. 

For many luxury car owners, the belief is that sports cars are to be garaged and housed during the winter months because of their inability to handle the conditions. But Aston Martin and Pirelli set-out to change that mentality. The ice and snow race track was created with one purpose: to offer customers an educational opportunity where they could not only learn how to drive correctly in winter conditions, but also apply it firsthand on a snow- and ice-covered track.

The Crested Butte track took nearly four months to complete, and the event took place on one of the coldest days of the year. Windy conditions blew snow about the track, making visibility difficult. Officials say they created the track by allowing the ground to freeze, and then adding additional layers of snow that were packed down to create the track. The mile-long road course offered drivers changes in elevation along with a variety of exercises including ABS braking, cornering, acceleration and more. Professional race car drivers and instructors were on-hand to provide feedback and helpful hints to drivers.

According to officials, the event was such a huge success that Crested Butte home owners can expect it to become an annual event, with perhaps other locations throughout the U.S. For car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, getting the high-powered vehicles out on the ice is an experience that is second-to-none. 

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