Camp 4 Coffee Cart to Cart Trail Run A Huge Success

Last month, Crested Butte home owners and runners from around the Valley gathered for the annual Camp 4 Coffee Cart to Cart trail run. The event took place on Saturday, September 21 and was a huge success. Runners had the option of running one of two courses, including the classic 19-mile course and a shorter 13.5-mile course. 

The longer 19-mile run departed Camp 4 Coffee on Elk Avenue, and challenged runners on a variety of trails before finishing at the Camp 4 Coffee location in Crested Butte South. Trails covered on the longer course included Tony’s trail, Upper upper loop, Brush Creek Road, Canal trail, Strand bonus, Trail 409, Walrod cutoff, Walrod Gulch and Cement Creek road. Alternatively, the shorter course took runners down Brush Creek Road to Cold Spring Ranch before meeting up with the longer course to cross the finish line. 

Throughout the longer race, runners experienced a total of 4,000 feet of elevation gains and 4,300 feet of elevation loss. The shorter race challenged less experienced runners with elevations gains of approximately 3,000 feet and losses of 3,300 feet throughout the 13.5-mile course. Runners spent the majority of the time on single-track trails and dirt roads, while they ran only a small bit of the race on paved roadways. Trails varied from smooth-packed dirt to more technical, rocky surfaces that wound through the gorgeous Aspen forests. 

Following the race, Camp 4 Coffee offered food and refreshments, and runners were given a mug that was filled with their favorite coffee beverage. This is one race where there was no better prize for finishing first versus finishing last. It was all about the fun for Crested Butte home owners, not to mention the camaraderie and athletic spirit in one of the most beautiful places around. 

There are so many reasons to consider becoming a Crested Butte home owner! Whether you’re looking for a vacation or first home, I would be happy to show you around this amazing mountain enclave. Please contact me today! 

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