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“Tis the season to be jolly” as Christmas is soon approaching. Christmas, as we all know, began as a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and is the most important and special holiday for Christians. It still is a religious holiday for many but Christmas is also a time where people exchange gifts, have feasts and just enjoy and relax while in the comfort of people they love all around them, though the essence of celebrating the birth of Christ still exists in most Christian households. Regardless of what point of view people are looking at, this is a wonderful time of year and one of my favorites.

This special holiday has gained a lot of popularity in many years and across the world. In fact, it is the most celebrated holiday globally and the manner of celebrating Christmas can vary based on where you live.

In some parts of China, people give each other Christmas apples as the word apples in Chinese sounds like “safe” and “secure.” This tradition of giving apples means that people want the other to have a great life and great future ahead or something to that effect. There are even light show competitions in the north of China (Heilongjiang province) where they would make giant ice structures of all kinds and decorate it will all sorts of Christmas lights.

There are even some countries that celebrate Christmas in dark ways. In Austria for instance, their way of celebrating is quite interesting. Sort of like Halloween where ghosts and goblins will appear, they have Krampus who is said to be St. Nicholas’ evil accomplice. Unlike him who gives out gifts to good children, Krampus, on the other hand, is said to be a beastly demon creature that goes around the city streets and frightening kids who are bad. Many adults partake in this tradition by wearing frightening masks in public that can even scare some adults. In Norway, most people celebrate this holiday would hide their brooms on Christmas Eve. It is a tradition dated back many centuries ago where it is believed that evil spirits and witches would ride brooms and terrorize the town.

Nevertheless, many people might find it funny or strange on how another country would celebrate the holiday. Openmindedly, we should respect each others culture, traditions and beliefs.

Now let’s discuss how we celebrate here in Crested Butte, Colorado. Tourists from all over the country travel here as it is an ideal place to spend the holidays with family and friends. It is indeed a beautiful winter wonderland experience and can look like your own personal snow globe on Elk Avenue. During December, the town will be covered with snowfall and will provide many outdoor activities perfect for winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, skating, snow tubing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and much more.

The more popular ones are the Light Up The Town Parade which usually begins at the Crested Butte Visitor’s Center and makes it way up to Elk Avenue. Spreading holiday cheer as they move! Santa Clause usually makes an appearance, a perfect treat for the kids.

There is also the “Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade” which is held every year at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort. This event is very fun and engaging as people will have a chance and watch Santa clause come down the mountain in a sleigh during the Parade.

Another would even be a presentation or theatrical play performed by the Crested Butte Mountain Theatre. This is an annual event which features sketches, dances, and songs to help bring in the festivity and spirit of the Christmas season.

There is also an event where people would dress up as Santa Clause and ski the slopes of the mountains. This would be your chance to go skiing and riding with hundreds of Santas.

As for the lifts, there are two to choose from. The Silver Queen Express which would take you to the Upper Mountain Access Trail, Silver Queen Road and the Summit (Peak) Trail. While the Red Lady Express offers a wide range of mountain trails like the Awakening, Psycho Rocks, Lower West Side, Deer Pass and much more. The fair for these rides would vary. Often most affordable at the start of Thanksgiving but would get pricier as more tourists come in, even after Christmas time. You can purchase tickets online or tickets are also available from the Adventure Center at Mountaineer Square.

Lastly, accommodations for people to stay would not be an issue as many hotels offer great deals and packages for the Christmas holidays. However, it is always best to book in advance in order to get the best deals. Crested Butte Mountaineer Square is a resort located at the base area and just a steps away from the lifts. This resort provides a lot of advantages as it located near areas with a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and biking as well as an area where people can go shopping. This resort also offers a lot of restaurants to choose from.

Elevation Hotel & Spa is another which retains much of its historic mountainous charm with a little of contemporary urban design. This luxury ski-in/ski-out destination is located at the base of Mt. Crested Butte. Elevation Hotel is fully equipped to provide guest with fine dining, spa, and full-service hotel amenities.

Alpine Getaway is another that would provide their guest with amazing vacation homes to rent for Christmas most majestic parts of this towns. The assortment of rentals can be cottages, cabins, apartments and villas which are all fully furnished and fully equipped with the finest amenities.

So if you believe this is the perfect retreat to spend your holiday with family and friends, come to Crested Butte and celebrate Christmas and its many special events with the community. If I can help at all with your real estate needs, reach out on my cell phone (970)596-1394 or send me an email at

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