Colorado Real Estate Projections Paint a Rosy Picture for 2013

Crested Butte Real Estate Pending Homes SalesRecent projections point to a healthy real estate market continuing to span in the coming year. According to AGC Colorado, construction as related to overall economic growth will be up for multiple markets across the state. And a recent surge this year in Crested Butte home sales definitely seems to support this increasing trend. Overall, there will be a 6% increase in construction in 2013, which is forecasted to outpace public sector and will only add to the 12,000 construction jobs created in the last two years. Adding to the boon is a state restoration of $100 million earmarked for water, sewer and related infrastructure services.

All of this activity, in combination with an upsurge in speculative property investment, points to increasing levels of demand in 2013. Housing is one of the main indicator of economic recovery as new workers are drawn into areas seeking new jobs, or a renewed lifestyle. The cycle feeds back on itself in a positive loop, as new jobs increase demand for real estate which cues new construction and redevelopment of old or distressed properties. It represents both a renewal and a fresh start for new homes to be built in Gunnison County and across the state.

With Crested Butte’s amazing landscapes, I am confident that it will continue to stand at the forefront of the housing recovery. Offering both a culture-rich townscape as well as impeccable year-round outdoor allure, Crested Butte and surrounding Gunnison County appeal to wide demographics, from workers to families to second home buyers. Increases in construction, infrastructure development and the overall economy will continue to drive demand in 2013, which means you should not wait to begin your search for Gunnison County real estate.

As a resident expert, I am happy and eager to assist you in navigating the resurging demand for new and refurbished homes in Crested Butte and the nearby regions. Just give me a call!

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