Crested Butte Appeal Offers More than Just Skiing

Crested Butte Mountain || Crested Butte AppealFor those who think that living or vacationing in an area like Crested Butte is only for devoted skiers, a plethora of activities awaits to change your minds. Although world-class skiing will always be a shining jewel in Crested Butte’s crown, there are a number of diversions which set the area apart from most other traditional “ski towns.” And we’re not just talking about sitting around the fire in the lodge: Crested Butte’s beautiful natural environs host outdoor activities from cultural tours to horseback riding.

While Crested Butte features the finest trails for downhill and cross-country skiing as well as its more deliberate cousin, snowshoeing, the picturesque landscape offers a scenic backdrop for dog sledding, ice-climbing and something called skijoring, which is a skier tethered to a horse or sled dog. A leisurely trot on horseback is also another less strenuous way of taking in the sights from a unique vantage points. And for those really looking to kick back, there are even sleigh rides to deep soaks in hot springs. In other words, there is definitely something for everyone, from downhill racers to leisurely strollers.

The key word is “outdoors.” Crested Butte home owners are attracted to the outdoor lifestyle, and those with an appreciative eye for the natural wonders of the world delight in thick snow in the winters and sparkling thaws in the summers. Whether you are seeking a wintry holiday or a permanent relocation, Crested Butte’s dramatic landscapes and thriving community present an attractive alternative to the larger ski resort regions and mountain towns. The diversity of activity is just one of the reasons why I love promoting Crested Butte servicing the real estate needs of its unique and passionate residents.

If you’d like to hear more about living in this amazing locale, please give me a call today to begin the discussion.

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