Crested Butte Growth Leads to Reconfiguration of School Administration Board

In 1990, the population of Crested Butte was a mere 868 people, according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. And while the community of Crested Butte remains one hinged on a small-town environment, the population has inflated to more than 1,500. This population boost has meant that the Crested Butte Community School (CBCS) has outgrown its current situation.

“We started that school with 302 students, one principal and one assistant principal. That was in 1997. We are currently sitting at a school in Crested Butte that has 648 students and has the same administrative configuration,” Gunnison Watershed School District superintendent Doug Tredway said at a school board meeting January 28. “Next year, based on numbers from the preschool—we’re not even estimating how many people will move into the Crested Butte school—just the preschool students moving in and the seniors moving out, we’re expecting 665 students.”

In the board meeting, Tredway said he believes the first step is to appoint an elementary school principal in CBCS. Additionally, he thinks that more reconfiguring needs to take place due to an unusually high number of special needs students expected in 2014, the implementation of Senate Bill 191, which requires more teacher evaluations, and more students attending the school.

Administrators and teachers are thrilled with the new proposition from Tredway. Although most people will not see a lightened workload, higher-up officials will be able to focus their attention where it is needed most. However, the school’s physical limits are still being tested.

A number of people in the administration are expected to get new titles next year with hopes of having a new campus within the next few years to accommodate the growing population of Crested Butte.

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