Crested Butte Mountain Resort Expands In-Bounds Acreage

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Trail Map

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Trail MapCrested Butte home owners will notice a change this year as they take to the hill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR). Now, the resort features roughly 1,547 skiable acres after adding 380 acres of terrain. The resort is in the process of a Master Development Plan with Uncompahgre, Grand Mesa, and Gunnison National Forest District. 

Currently, CBMR is busy creating maps and analyzing the terrain to ready themselves for the upcoming ski season. After an impossibly dry summer that led to massive wildfires in Colorado, Crested Butte home owners agree that winter can’t come soon enough. After remeasuring and analyzing their current area, the resort recently discovered that it was actually larger than previously estimated. 

Adds John Sale, Director of Planning for CBMR, “Going through the MDP process forced us to look a little deeper at our developed, gladed and extreme terrain to ensure that we have an accurate inventory throughout the resort. In the past, we had never counted our gladed terrain on many areas of the main mountain. Since it is an industry standard, we feel that adding this to our listed skiable acres keeps us in line with what other resorts are doing and is a honest reflection of  what our resort acreage truly is. Also with new mapping technologies, we were able to exactly pinpoint these areas and get three-dimensional acreage counts.”

As part of their location on US Forest Service Land, CBMR is required to submit a Master Development Plan every five to 10 years. The plan sheds light on the resort’s long-term plans for facilities and improvements. 

There are so many reasons to consider becoming a Crested Butte home owner. From a variety of local amenities, like the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, it’s no wonder so many people have chosen to call Crested Butte home. I’m a local real estate expert who would love to discuss your unique real estate needs. Please contact me today!

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