Crested Butte Mountain Theater Celebrates 40 Years

Crested Butte Mountain TheaterA charming treasure to residents living in Crested Butte is the Mountain Theater.  The theater was conceived in 1972 by locals eager to provide their entertainment at a time when Crested Butte was far more isolated than it is now.  Through community outreach and donations, the theater has been maintained, updated and now steeped in Crested Butte tradition.  Endearing community building projects like the Mountain Theater are what help attract second home buyers when looking for their snow covered hideaway.

The theater maintains full schedules with a variety of productions from more mature topics to good old fashioned family fun.  All productions are written, directed and acted by Crested Butte locals and they always pack the house.  Currently on the docket for the holiday season is “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”  A comical tale of kids getting cast in a church’s Christmas pageant.  The holiday play is designed for families to enjoy together.  

The theater not only produces one of a kind plays, it also provides workshops on acting, writing and directing which might explain the exceptional quality of the shows.  You can also take in a musical concert which can range from bands, to school choirs and local orchestras.  Another Crested Butte tradition is the film festival with some submissions made by the residents.  The theater has been handled with such care over the years that several formal events and ceremonies are also held inside the gorgeous building.  

The Crested Butte Mountain Theater is a shining example of how residents value their community and their investments.  A community driven theater is a great way to escape the everyday and enjoy life on the mountain.  If you are interested in learning more about Crested Butte real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


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