Crested Butte’s Nordic Center Yurt

Crested Butte's Nordic Center Yurt | Magic Meadows Yurt

Magic Meadows Yurt photo courtesy of Crested Butte Nordic Center

Many of those living in Crested Butte know of a cozy yurt tucked away in forest of beautiful pine trees known as the Nordic Center.  The center is a non-profit installation that services the entire Gunnison County throughout the winter season.  

An architectural phenomenon that has become popular with outdoor enthusiasts is the yurt, an ancient nomadic hut that in recent years has been updated to the 21st century.  You’ll know a yurt by its signature circular shape and pointed top.  Traditionally, yurts are made entirely out of wood using steam to manipulate the shape of the beams to create the curves required to make the circle foundation.  

The yurt is a headquarters for all sorts of winter activities.  There’s a scenic ice skating rink complete with a gorgeous view.  Magic Meadows specializes in advanced skiing lessons for those looking to improve their skills.  The Nordic Center is renowned for high quality rental equipment making it an ideal spot for seasoned riders.

The location of the Nordic Center couldn’t be any more picturesque.  Snowcapped mountains and tall, untamed pines tucked away in a little piece of backcountry heaven known as Magic Meadows.  The gorgeous clear days are only topped by cozy nights, since the area’s light pollution levels are so low the amount of stars you’ll see in the sky will be blinding.  You’ll have to slap on a pair of skis or snowshoes to enjoy the yurt and all its attractions.  The scenic ski trip typically takes 30 to 45 minutes and guided trips are available, of you can make the trip on your own.

The Nordic Center is an excellent selling point for home buyers and even second home buyers eager to dig into the beautifully preserved outdoors of Crested Butte.  If you are interested in learning more about Crested Butte real estate, please contact me. I would love to share with you all of the wonderful things that make Crested Butte a spectacular place to call home. 


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