Gunnison Watershed School District: Educational Excellence

Are you looking for a school that combines a dynamic curriculum with diverse learning experiences? Whether you’re new to the area or simply want to know more about Gunnison County’s schools, you’re in the right place.

Situated in one of Colorado’s most scenic areas, Gunnison County is home to nearly 20,000 residents and serves thousands of students each year among five different schools. While most students in the Crested Butte area attend Crested Butte Community School, greater Gunnison County is represented by four main schools.

Lake School

Established exclusively for children ages 3-5, Lake School offers pre-K and kindergarten education in Gunnison. Lake School takes place during weekdays and is very affordable at $250 per month for a 9-month year. Kids improve socialization skills, participate in creative activities, and are scheduled for multiple field trips per year. Parents are invited to become an active participant in their child’s education by attending family learning nights and parent teacher conferences.

Gunnison Elementary School

Located in Gunnison, Colorado, Gunnison Elementary School’s mission is to provide studies with a caring environment in which to learn and grow. Providing instruction for hundreds of students during the school year, Gunnison Elementary incorporates virtual learning into the classroom and is dedicated to teaching students how to navigate technology. In addition to traditional classes, Gunnison Elementary offers both gifted and special education programs to area students in grades 1st-5th.

Gunnison Middle School

Conveniently situated near Gunnison Elementary School, Gunnison Middle School is reserved for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, and offers a deeper look at language, literature, science, and mathematics. In middle school, students are also encouraged to explore different team and solo sports, like track, basketball, and skiing, while expanding their knowledge of traditional subjects. Mustang pride is huge in Gunnison County, and middle school students are given the opportunity to shine athletically at Gunnison Middle School.

Gunnison High School

Grades 9-12 are served by Gunnison High School, home of the Cowboys, where students truly begin to develop their career and personal goals. Gunnison High School’s guidance program is among the best in the area, as students are provided with career counseling, scholarship opportunities, and access to top colleges. By offering honors programs, junior and varsity sports programs, and a myriad of opportunities to get involved in the community, Gunnison High School provides a well-rounded secondary education program in the heart of Gunnison County. Additionally, students can choose from 20+ clubs, like Band, Speech and Debate, and Yearbook, which creates future educational and professional opportunities.

A Great Place to Grow: Gunnison County

Gunnison County schools provide a safe, welcoming environment in which children can learn new concepts, explore ideas, and better understand the world. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your children are receiving a quality education close to home in Gunnison County.


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