Heavy Spring Snow Forecast for Crested Butte

It seems strange to be discussing snow when Memorial Day has just come and gone, but heavy snow has been forecast for Crested Butte late into the spring season. Recently, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center reported six inches of snow in 24 hours that fell in Gunnison County near Gothic. High-elevation spots like Crested Butte and Marble could be the scene of even more snow, so it’s important to be advised.

One challenge for Crested Butte homeowners is their gardens that are already planted. Many people don’t plan on late spring snowstorms, but when they occur, they can wreak havoc on your tender plants. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to protect your young crops.

Plastic gallon-sized milk jugs are especially helpful in keeping snow off of plants. You can save the ones you consume yourself, or have your neighbors collect them for you as well. What you do is cut the bottoms out of the jugs and place them over your tender plants to keep the snow off. The plastic bottles help insulate plants from the cold, and also keep snow off their surface. Coffee cans can also serve a similar purpose, and since both of these things are likely items you already consume, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a solution.

If you have a longer row of plants, clear plastic can also be used. You can pick it up at the local hardware or home improvement store. Just make sure you establish some kind of framework, because you don’t want the plastic to become weighted down on your plants. It needs to function more like a tent, because cold temperatures can freeze the leaves.

For small budding flowers, you can solve the same issue with plastic sandwich bags. As soon as the weather permits, you do want to remove the plastic coverings to allow your plants to breathe. But since plastic has a way of acting like a greenhouse, you may see plants and flowers actually flourish under a plastic covering despite the snow. Just make sure you’re giving your precious plants a pocket of air so they’re both insulated and can breathe.

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