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When buying your new home, regardless if it is a newly constructed home or a 20-year-old home, it is fun to treat it like a blank canvas and dive in to start decorating with your own special touch.
Everyone cares a lot about their own appearance. We go to the gym to stay in shape and to feel attractive. We get a haircut or dye our hair once in a while to have a fresh new look. We try to be in style by wearing the newest and most “IN” clothes. The same thing goes when we are designing the interiors of our homes. A house is a manifestation of how we feel and what we want to feel.
To help you attain your goal of your own personal stamp on your home, here are some interior design tips for your new home.
Color Pallets
What is your favorite color? What color do you think your walls should be? Try to think about these questions and imagine your walls in this color. This is by far one of the most fun and inexpensive things to think about. Having color pallets in hand can make all the difference. A cool trick here is to have a paper with the color or colors you want and paste them on your nude wall and see how you feel about it. You can also paint a small swatch with each color and live with it for a few days or weeks.
White is usually the go-to color that goes with the modern or classic look and compliments almost all furniture. Right now, the gray colors are all the rage. Bold colors are a little bit trickier, as they really should match your furniture, having these colors can change the mood of the house drastically. Dark colors, on the other hand, can give your home a very dramatic look, it can look very neat especially when the right decorations and color contrasts are made but do note that dark color schemes should trigger you to have good lighting in order to pull the look correctly, it can also be a little bit dangerous especially if you are walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Here in Crested Butte, majorities of the homes have this rustic exterior look that, in a way, stays true to its heritage but more and more people are embracing color, a fresh paint job, which gives a more fresh and modern interior to their homes.
Hidden Storage and Mirrors
If you have a small room and feel that space seems too cramped, try removing the extra clutter or furniture from that room to give you more space to work on. Remember that adding pretty furniture might look cool but having too much in a small space can just make the room look very messy. Let the room breathe and provide space for yourself and people to walk around, relax and admire the area you all are in. However, if specific things are needed in a room, for example, you would need charging cords for your devices, try hiding it in special areas. You can build one or ask professionals to do this for you by hiding wires in nooks and crannies. Doing so, you will have an organized and functional room. Lastly, adding mirrors is an ongoing trend. They look clean, big mirror walls look modern and in the right place can make a big difference literally and figuratively because mirrors give our eyes the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.
Remember that favorite shirt you have? It might look plain to others but to you, it just seems right. If you are self-conscious, or just really want to wear that shirt without someone telling you not to wear it, try adding layers to it. Add a cool vest, or add a shawl or maybe a coat that can complement your figure while giving a new look to that simple shirt. To top it all off, add some accessories, like a bracelet or a watch to make it better and make your look more expensive.
This trick can be applied to interior design, especially if you have a big space and want to fill it up with the right type of look. A table in a dining room can be simple, but adding a beautiful tablecloth, with a table runner that matches the look of the room with fancy napkins and dining set can really help make the room more interesting. Another could be a sofa, adding maybe a gorgeous sofa cover with interesting patterns and adding some soft throw pillows and layer them based on their sizes can give your room a focal point to admire and its function as a great place to relax serves its other purpose.
Every home should have artwork. It’s a perfect piece to give your home that “umph” energy. Flowers are beautiful too and can really help lighten the mood but it is not always the case as some homeowners might want the house to look more masculine. Artwork, like paintings, is gender neutral and the right type of artwork is for you to choose. Some homeowners, want something with landscapes or something with nature that can brighten the mood of the home, If people want to give their home a masculine touch, they can purchase a painting with abstracts or paintings with darker colors, if you want your home to give a kid-friendly environment, having light and bright colors will indeed make your children happy.
All of these examples are simple tips to consider when doing interior design. However, having architects and professional interior designers will greatly help you to achieve the goal of what your dream home should look like.
Here in Crested Butte, we have Interior Visions. They are a local interior design company with 13 years of experience. They have the skills and experience to work on various residential and commercial properties. They make sure that their client’s wants, budget and time are met while infusing the companies innovative mountain style design.
More so, when choosing a professional, it is always best to choose a local company. They can really help with your budget and provide you the best deals. They know the layout of the land. They know the restrictions, common problems, rules and regulations of the area, giving them an edge over the others. Lastly, they will always give you what you want, while providing a little touch of what that town, city or state is known for in your home.
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