Lupine Trail

Lupine Trail Crested Butte

Lupine Trail Crested ButteThe Lupine Trail is probably one of my favorite mountain biking trails here in Crested Butte. The views are spectacular, the uphill isn’t a killer and it offers a little bit of everything for all riders and abilities. My husband likes to call it the wife trail because I am still smiling after the ride. I, however, think I am still smiling because of my uber comfy Santa Cruz Super Light mountain bike but that’s another conversation for another day. This great single track is located just north of downtown Crested Butte. Read on for more info…

A little history of the Lupine Trail: The surrounding property of the town of Crested Butte along with cooperation with negotiated easements for travel through private property on either side afford us this spectacular trail. The trail connects through the Saddle Ridge Development to Slate River Road.

Directions to the Trail: 

Still smilin' - Crested Butte's Lupine Trail

Still smillin’ – Crested Butte’s Lupine Trail

From Saddle Ridge trailhead: Start from downtown Crested Butte to the Saddle Ridge subdivision cul-de-sac off Gothic Road. If you go this route, you will be riding a little up the road to the mountain and taking a left into the Saddle Ridge development.  You can also take the recreational path from Crested Butte. If you do take this path, the end will put you a little further ahead of Saddle Ridge. You would take a left at the Welcome to Mt. Crested Butte sign coming back down the mountain and right into the Saddle Ridge development. It maybe tempting to shuttle a car to the subdivision but be sure to leave it in town as there is absolutely no parking within Saddle Ridge

From the County Road off Slate River Road: Ride from downtown Crested Butte or park a car at the trailhead on Slate River Road. The trailhead is just beyond Nicholson Lake. You will get a slightly longer ride from this direction. For the finish, there is easy access to the concrete bike path. 

You can visit the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association for current trail conditions. 

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