Press Release – High Fire Danger

The town of Crested Butte put out the below Press Release late yesterday, June 27, 2012, in response to the high fire danger in our area. Gunnison County also implemented a Stage 2 fire ban effective today.

The high fire danger has been on everyone’s mind here lately with the numerous active fires across the state today. The destruction in High Park (Ft. Collins) and Waldo Canyon (Colorado Springs) are especially heart breaking. Luckily mother nature is giving us a little relief and it is now pouring rain here in Crested Butte.

In case you did not see the press release or would like more information on the fire ban, I am including all that below for you. Let’s hope we continue to stay fire free this summer!

Press Release from the Town of Crested Butte

High Fire Danger Prompts Town of Crested Butte to Encourage Residents to be Prepared

Crested Butte, Colorado – June 27, 2012

Unusually warm temperatures and dry conditions have increased the threat of wildfires. The Crested Butte Marshall’s Department encourages residents to prepare in advance in case of a fire.
Gunnison County has implemented Stage 2 fire restrictions, which go into effect on June 28 and the Town of Crested Butte plans to adopt these restrictions as well.

A Stage 2 fire restriction prohibits open burning of any kind, the use and sale of fireworks, use of charcoal grills and chimneas, any other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits, all campfires including those at developed campgrounds and picnic areas and smoking unless in an enclosed vehicle, trailer or building. A Stage 2 fire restriction also places restrictions on the use of chainsaws and welding torches and the operation of any internal combustion engine without an approved spark arrester. A Stage 2 fire restriction allows for cooking on gas or liquid fueled stoves and grills. For more information on all the restrictions call Gunnison County at 642-46 86 for a recorded message or visit

Chief Marshal Tom Martin said “it’s essential that local area residents and visitors comply with the Stage 2 fire restrictions.” Martin said “one carelessly tossed cigarette butt or lighting off of a firework could have tragic consequences for the community.” Martin added that “the most important thing that people can do is abide by the fire restrictions, take precautions and prepare for the possibility of an evacuation.”

Public Safety officials recommend:

  • You have an evacuation plan in place for you and your family.
  • Have a plan for how you and your family will communicate.
  • Talk to your neighbors and help each other prepare.
  • Have a plan in place for where you will go, where you will stay and don’t forget your pets.
  • If you receive an evacuation notification, do it. Don’t wait for further information, just go.
  • During a wildfire be aware that as you are leaving, emergency vehicles may be coming in.
  • Remember that you are responsible for your own safety, first responders will do what they can, but there are many factors that affect response.

As the threat of wildfires approaches an all time high, the concern for potential evacuation of the Town of Crested Butte and surrounding areas becomes greater. In the event that an evacuation of the area becomes necessary a number of notification systems will be used:

  1. Fire Siren: A continuously running siren from the Fire Hall or continuously running police vehicle sirens indicate that there is a wildfire situation unfolding. Continuously running sirens indicate that information is being disseminated to the public. If you hear the sirens, tune into KBUT radio at 90.3 FM, the Cave at 97.1 or CBTV Channel 10 for the latest information on a fire situation.
  2. Reverse 911: This system is used for notification in both wildfire and other emergency situations. The Reverse 911 system is used to call both cell phones and landlines. You must register your cell phone number in order to receive a reverse 911 notification on your cell phone. This registration is not necessary for your landline. Register your cell phone number at . On this page, there is a yellow icon with a phone that says “Emergency Management.” You will need to go through the account set up for security purposes. You may register up to two phone numbers, sharing the same physical address, in your account. Once you’ve registered, your cell phone will be called in the event of an evacuation.
  3. Town E Alerts, Twitter, and Facebook: Town e-alerts send pertinent information via email. In the event of a wildfire situation, e-alerts will be used to send out the latest updates. The alerts are also used to send other types of important notices from the Town such as changes in garbage pickup and road closures. To sign up for e-alerts visit the Town website at and follow the link from the homepage. You can also follow the Town of Crested Butte on Twitter and Facebook to receive notifications.

The American Red Cross recommends that every family have an emergency supply kit assembled long before a wildfire or other emergency occurs. Use this check list to assemble yours:

  • Three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day).
  • Non-perishable food for all family members and pets (three-day supply).
  • First aid kit.
  • Flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries.
  • An extra set of car keys, credit cards, cash, or traveler’s checks.
  • Sanitation supplies.
  • Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Important family documents and contact numbers.
  • Map marked with evacuation routes

For more information on emergency supplies visit or contact: Susan Parker, Town Manager – Phone 970-349-5338 – email: or Chief Marshal Tom Martin – Phone 970-349-523 – email

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