Put On Your Hiking Boots and Tackle the Trails in Crested Butte

Of course being outdoors is one of the best features of Crested Butte. The scenery is literally breathtaking. Winter is obviously full of fun on the slopes, but now you can start planning your Spring and Summer adventures! Here is a list of local multi-use trails for hiking, biking, or horseback riding, and at what level of adventurer should tackle them.

1. Warming House for beginners. Start here and follow this trail out of the base area to get to the single track trails. Perfect for getting your heart rate up!

  1. 2. Painter Boy for beginners and intermediate. This trail is a long time local favorite and it leads you through beautiful fields of wildflowers and stunning aspen trees. It can be accessed by the Red Lady Express via Hourseshoe or the Luge Trails.

3. Meander for intermediates. It’s pretty self explanatory – on this trail you get to meander through a marvelous mountain landscape on a single track that overlooks the East River valley.

4. Horseshoe for intermediates. Horseshoe winds along the bottom of some of Crested Butte’s famous steep terrain and lets you connect the Westside trail with Meander, Painter Boy and Columbine making it a spectacular cross country loop from the base area.

5. Prospector for intermediates. This is two miles of classic Colorado trail that winds you through alpine meadows and forests. It takes you to Gothic Road where you can head back to the base area or link with Meander of Snodgrass.

6. Columbine for intermediates. Make it to the top of the trail and you can loop around Horseshoe and Westside for a longer day, or head back to base area.

7. Westside for experts. This is a new and exciting trail. It leads you through sections of aspen pine forests that are unforgettable.

8. Avery for experts. This is the Downhill racecourse for the annual Wildflower Rush. It has a little bit of everything – pine forest, rock gardens, and fast open terrain.

If you would like to learn even more about local trails and activities or homes in Crested Butte, I would love to help! I’m a local real estate agent and expert on the community.

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