Short Term Rentals within the Town of Crested Butte


The beautiful and breathtaking town of Crested Butte in Colorado is one of the most popular towns for a wide variety of activities all year round, perfect for families and friends to truly enjoy a weekend or a long vacation. Not only is it popular for fun assortment of activities all year round but the town itself has a lot of historic significance tucked away in the rockies.

Originally known as a coal and silver mining town in the late 1800’s but after this stopped our town later became most commonly known for today as a tourist destination. The town of Crested Butte has a lot of lodging facilities ready and willing to cater to vacationers from all over.

Since Crested Butte is booming with a fair amount of tourists coming in for all seasons, the focal point of most businesses here is tourism, primarily pertaining on what Crested Butte has to offer. Short Term Rentals (STR) have become very popular. So the town government has placed restrictions for people who are going into this business. This is to make sure other local lodging ventures like hotels, bed-and-breakfasts in the community have a fair shot for business in addition to keeping long term rental options open for year around residents.

If one is planning to go into business for Short Term Rentals within the town limits of Crested Butte, you would want to be prepared and understand the rules and regulations that come with it. One such example, when setting up any type of business, is to have a proper business license. Having attained this will give you protection and recognition by the law but note that your profit will be subject to sales tax. Next would be for one to understand the zones of their property. Different zones would have different laws that you must abide by. An example is a cap on how many nights can people stay at a property for STR. These are just a few and inspections will be required for each house.

To prepare and to understand more about STR and its ordinances click on the link provided: Vacation Short Term Rental Frequently Asked Questions.


Please come and learn more with us at a meeting on Tuesday to understand the new ordinances regarding vacation short term rentals.


When: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Where: Town Hall Council Chambers (507 Maroon Avenue)
Contact Heather Woodward on her mobile 970-596-1394 or email her at for more details.

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