What is Old is New Again in Crested Butte

Nordic Inn Crested Butte Colorado ||  Crested Butte Nordic Center

Photo courtesy of the Nordic Inn

For 50 years, the Nordic Inn has been a staple of the Crested Butte community and one of its most prominent tourist attractions. However, time proves that all things must pass, but the Nordic Inn has been given a renewed lease on providing superb resort options to the people and visitors to Gunnison County. New owners have taken control of the Nordic Inn and are in the process of making significant upgrades to its style, design and creature comforts, transforming it into an ultra-modern but still unique and comforting ski palace.

As the longest running lodge in the County, it would have been a shame to see the Nordic Inn pass into the history books. The upgrades also speak to another aspect of Crested Butte and the surrounding region, and that is, the somewhat strange and at times, bizarre traditions. In short, Crested Butte maintains its own personality from marathoners running in costume to fireworks displays to something called Flauschink, translated as the “flushing of winter,” during which time, amongst other activities, polka dancing fills the streets. Like its singular township, the Nordic Inn has been remade with standard hotel amenities like WiFi, hot tubs and kitchenettes as well as more unique features like sustainable construction of Colorado pine.

What does the restoration of the Nordic Inn mean to the Crested Butte community at large? Well, this has always been an area of long held traditions, preserved down through the generations. It also exhibits how choosing Crested Butte real estate means you are choosing a locale that enjoys constant rejuvenation and economic redevelopment. Entrepreneurs do not pour money into resorts like the Nordic Inn just for the sake of tradition; they are investing in a thriving populace and promising economic landscape.

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